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HS Code
Tariffs & Duties

Basic Tariff & Tax

  Year 2011 Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
MFN Tariff: -- -- 10%
Gen Tariff:   -- -- 50%
Vat Tax:   -- -- 17%
Consumption Tax:   -- --

Preferential Duties

Asia (32): Afghanistan (tax:0.0) Bangladesh (tax:) Bangladesh (tax:) Bangladesh (tax:0.0) Brunei (tax:0.0) Myanmar (tax:0.0) ...
Africa (31): Angola (tax:0.0) Benin (tax:0.0) Burundi (tax:0.0) Central African Rep. (tax:0.0) Chad (tax:0.0) Comoros (tax:0.0) ...
Europe (2): Iceland (tax:0.0) Switzerland (tax:6.0)
Latin America (3): Chile (tax:0.0) Costa Rica (tax:0.0) Peru (tax:0.0)
Oceania (3): Vanuatu (tax:0.0) New Zealand (tax:0.0) Samoa (tax:0.0)
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Import Restrictions

Restrictions Contents

Import Licence Certificate of Origin
Embargo/Sanctions CCC Certificate
Inspection & Quarantine Customs Declaration Norm
Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidy Customs Quota
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Value of Goods Entering China Since 2010 (US Dollar Thousand)
TOP 10 Suppliers Total Value Growth Rate

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401700** Articles of hard rubber …case, acid - refined roller, american - type wooden handle black and white two - tone color rubber hammer, american - type wooden handle white rubber hammer, arc extension roller view
843010** Pile-drivers and pile-extranctors …machine, deep mixing pile, deep stirring pile driver, derivative type tamper expanding pile driver, diesel hammer pile driver view
846210** Numerically controlled air compression press, all - hydraulic free hammer, briquetting machine, bus row processing machine, case cabinet industry professional cnc punching machine view
846721** Drills of all kinds …dc electric drill, diamond drill, diamond drilling machine, diamond hollow drilling rig, die forging electrohydraulic hammer view
843061** Tamping or compacting machinery …tamper, double - way tamper, double - way vibrating flat tamper, electric tamper, flat vibration tamper view
847420** Other …muller, airflow whirlpool micro - powder machine, airslide disintegrating mill, all - purpose hgih - efficiency pulverizer, annular - hammer type air separation grinder view
843699** Other …machine fittings, feed machinery fittings, feedstuff machine empty roll, feedstuff machine geared ring, feedstuff machine hammer leaf view
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